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Interactive Encyclopaedia of the Town of Cheb

The interactive encyclopaedia of the town of Cheb brings you the most significant historic sites in the town of Cheb. It provides you with in-depth information about historical monuments, historical events, and historical figures, associated with Cheb and their mutual interconnections. In addition, you will find texts, photographs, audio and video material, as wells as archival and museum documents disclosing more facts about each historical monument that are commonly unavailable to the public. And all that online! The encyclopaedia also includes vital tourist information and My Encyclopaedia allows you to create your own sightseeing routes and tours of the selected landmarks.

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 Shooting range. New building below the castle. V. Prökl around 1850

This object no longer exists.



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Interactive Encyclopaedia of the Town of Cheb

Interactive Encyclopaedia of the Town of Cheb
Overview of Top 200 Historic Sites in Cheb.