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Gothic and Renaissance Cheb

  • Length: 1750 m
  • Duration of the Tour: 1 - 2 hours

Starting point of the Cheb Gothic and Renaissance tour is in front of the Old Town Hall in Krále Jiřího z Poděbrad Square.                    

  1. The Old Town Hall (the tour of basement prison in Radniční Sklípek Restaurant (Town Hall Cellar Restaurant).
  2. We continue past the Rolland Fountain to Jateční St.; narrow Gothic frontage of two houses here.
  3. Then we walk through Dlouhá and Františkánská Streets to Františkánské Square, where there is the Franciscan Monastery with a "cloister" (Gothic cloister) and the Annunciation Church. Next, we continue along Františkánské Square and through the passage to Divadelní Square, then to the right, down Obrněné brigády Street to Hradební Street - there is Gothic fortification of the town (wall and bastions) on the right side.
  4. We can see the Town Armoury in Hradební Street, opposite the school buildings. At the end of the street, we turn right to Dlouhá Street and then immediately to the left to Židovská Street. We can peek into Mordýřská Lane (on the right), named (Slayer’s Lane) after the pogrom against Jews in 14th century. The ancient Jewish Quarters had its own Jewish cemetery inside the block on the left side of Židovská Street. We continue down and turn left to Jakubská Street, and then we turn right in the second third of the street.
  5. There used to be an old synagogue in Úzká Street, which was later changed into a Catholic church, demolished in 19th century. There are remains of Mikveh in the basement of one of the houses - the Jewish Quarters were bounded by ... (věta není v češtině dokončena, čím byla čtvrť ohraničena?)
  6. Dominikánská Lane on the east side. Here, at the present altar side of the St. Wenceslas Church in Jánské Square, we can see the Gothic portal of the original entry.
  7. We continue to the left and enter Jánské Square, where the town’s first Town Hall and first church used to be - John the Baptist Church.
  8. We walk through Jánské Square and Mlýnská Street to Křížovnická Street, where there used to be Mlýnská Brána (Mill Gate). When we look to the left, we can see the Renaissance Calvary and the Mill Tower below the castle.
  9. However, we turn right and along the Commendams of the Knights of the Cross with the Red Star we get to the St. Bartholomew Church.
  10. We continue along Kamenná Street, climb the Church Stairs and get to the Church of St. Nicholas and St. Agnes in Kostelní Square.
  11. After the tour, we leave through Kostelní Street, where No. 506 is an interesting “mazhaus” (a large hall – translator’s note),(now a shop) in the square, and the house No. 492 is part of the museum.
  12. We can see the Gothic „Špalíček“ (a group of eleven trade houses in the square – translator’s note) in the square.
  13. When we walk down Kramářská Street, which runs between the two blocks, we get to Hercules Fountain.
  14. A Gothic house in Renaissance style, called Schirdingerský House, is located opposite the eastern facade of Špalíček. From here, we return to the building of The Old Town Hall, sensitively renovated in the seventies of 20th century.                                                                                                  

Author: Ing. arch. Luděk Vystyd, authorized architect of the Czech Chamber of Architects, Krále Jiřího z Poděbrad  Square No. 6, 350 02 Cheb     



Town Hall

Town Hall


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Interactive Encyclopaedia of the Town of Cheb
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