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Fates & Faces of Cheb

At the occasion of the 950th anniversary of the foundation of the town in 2011, a project mapping 950 faces and fates of Cheb was launched. Within the project, the Tourist Information Centre collected information and facts about 950 more or less known past and present inhabitants of the town with the help of numerous volunteers. Although the list features historical figures and celebrities, its core are the fates of common people who lived or are living in Cheb. The collected life stories, memories, and photographs that bespeak of the rich history and the present of the town were presented at an exhibition at the Church of Saint Nicholas. You may now see most of the exhibits online on this website...

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Interactive Encyclopaedia of the Town of Cheb

Interactive Encyclopaedia of the Town of Cheb
Overview of Top 200 Historic Sites in Cheb.