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Café Wallenstein

Year of construction: 1874

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Category: Houses in the Pedestrian Zone

Address: Svobody 34, čp. 126


The civil engineer Johann Siegl developed a project of a three floor building with a central avant-corps for the master baker Adam Blechschmid in 1873. The building with twelve window axes inspected the next year was located in the site of two older buildings No. 76 and 77. The Blechschmids established a restaurant and café here which played an important role in the cultural and social milieu of Cheb. The café received its later name “Valdštejn” (Café Wallenstein) temporarily already in 1884 but the name got stabilized only with the new owner, Franz Roth (from 1903).[1] The first Cheb cinema “Central-Theater” was established in the yard in 1909; three years later it was taken over by its long-time tenant Max Prager. In 1912, the new owner Johann Kaspar Ott had the café rebuilt in the “modern Vienna spirit”.[2] The already famous and certainly the most popular café in the town was purchased by Karl and Maria Gut in 1931. Karl Gut, a well-known builder from Mariánské Lázně, prepared a project of its extensive rebuilding in the same year. The modification of the building was finished a year later, even though on a slightly more modest scale. The street facade achieved its modern Functionalist character with distinct horizontal division. It was covered with polished travertine along the first floor which added an element of exclusivity to the building. The light and spacious café was located on the ground floor with a dining hall in the “Wallenstein’s period style” and a true Cheb beer-house attached to it in the yard wing. A café with a concert hall, rooms for playing cards and chess as well as an extensive billiards hall were situated on the first floor. The building was nationalized after World War II and in 1952 it was assigned to the ministry of national defence. The Army House was still operated as a restaurant and an accommodation facility (restaurant Dukla). Today the building is privately owned.

Authors of the text: Zbyněk Černý - Karel Halla - Hana Knetlová



[1] Karl Siegl, “Kaffee und Gastwirtschaft Wallenstein, Eger b. d.”, p. 10–11.

[2] Zbyněk Černý, “Valdštejnská tradice v městě Chebu”, in: Vzestup a pád „proradné šelmy“Albrecht z Valdštejna a Chebu (“Wallenstein tradition in the town of Cheb”, in The rise and fall of the “treacherous beast”. Albrecht of Wallenstein and Cheb), Cheb 2007, p. 64–65.


Zbyněk Černý - Karel Halla - Hana Knetlová, Que procedit. Historie pěší zóny v Chebu / Geschichte der Fussgängerzone in Eger / History of the Pedestrian Zone in Cheb, Town of Cheb 2010, p. 125-128.



  • 1870 Adam and Anna Blechschmid
  • 1894 Anna, Franz and Johann Blechschmid
  • 1903 Franz Roth
  • 1905 Johann Kaspar Ott
  • 1925 Elise Ott
  • 1931 Karl and Marie Gut
  • 1942 Maria Markl (formerly Gut)
  • 1945 National administration
  • 1951 Ministry of the Interior of the Czechoslovak Republic
  • 1952 Ministry of Defence of the Czechoslovak Republic


Johann Siegl / Karl Gut





Accessible to the public only during operating hours of the businesses residing here. 


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Address: Svobody 34, čp. 126



Café Wallenstein 2013

Café Wallenstein 2013

Café Wallenstein 2013

Café Wallenstein 2013

Café Wallenstein 2013

Café Wallenstein 2013

Café Wallenstein 2013

Café Wallenstein 2013

Café Wallenstein 2013

Café Wallenstein 2013


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